Lost Alpha Xr_3da.exe

This is the full release of the 1.4005 version of Lost Alpha Director's. To change the lower limit of the mouse_sens variable with a hex editor on XR_3DA.exe.

Third patch for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha has been released! Here is long awaited 3rd patch for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha. Here are some very important facts about it: • Due to the changes in storyline and engine, it's required to start a new game after you installed this update.

• Your previous saves will not work. • This patch is cumulative, so you don't need to install the previous (1.3002) patch at all. • The patch installer will wipe out your gamedata directory so backup whatever mods you've installed • Beware, mods made for previous patches will not work with this 3rd patch until mod makers make them compatible. We can not give support in this case. That's perfectly reasonable. The way I look at it, this is an open developed game. It's not finished.

It's possible to play it to the end but be ready to deal with various issues and it gets more stable with each upcoming patch. Dezodor's promise about no restarts required after 1.3002 (I'm surprised he did that) was wrong, I'm expecting a lot more in the future as more of the A-Life will be changed (which is a great thing, one of the biggest problems this game has now that it's reasonably stable is the static NPCs/monsters, ie nothing happening in the Zone to keep your interested other than doing quests). I'm like a die hard stalker fan. I've had multiple game breaking bugs that ive either started over or manipulated game files to overcome this far. I have written down alot of feedback for what i think are bugs, balance issues and suggestions to make the game better. How do i get this to you? Can u guys email me vorpal77 (at) hotmail Im going to just beat it all the ways i can in 1.3002 and then id like to leave feedback.

If you guys want it. Thanks for an awesome effort.

This is one of the top ten shooters in gaming history I dont understand why you guys had to develop this for free instead of gsc making millions dont understand but thank you. Where do i donate btw. I keep getting this now that i have 1.3003 installed. I have crash at opening a safe of the nomad (Radar) on 1.3003 ATAL ERROR [error]Expression: fatal error [error]Function: CScriptEngine::lua_error [error]File: script_engine.cpp [error]Line: 75 [error]Description: [error]Arguments: LUA error.

Igo per autoradio cinese. I have crash at opening a safe of the nomad (Radar) on 1.3003 (sorry for double post. This is other Log. Fail FATAL ERROR [error]Expression: fatal error [error]Function: CInifile::r_string [error]File: Xr_ini.cpp [error]Line: 510 [error]Description: [error]Arguments: Can't find variable description in [dar_pass_flash] stack trace: 001B:6D5E463F xrCore.dll, xrDebug::fatal() 001B:5367B1FC xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IgnorePause() 001B:77C25D5A ntdll.dll, wcsnicmp() 001B:77C25D5A ntdll.dll, wcsnicmp() 001B:6E80A72D MSVCR120.dll, _ValidateRead() +1 vote.