Galaxy Remote Servicing Suite Manual Transfer

Feb 6, 2014 - Pro-Watch Software Suite 4.1 SP2 User Guide, Document 7-901071V4. Copyright© 2014 Honeywell. 6.13.2 Viewing and Editing Dependencies of a Galaxy Site. Appendix D Remote Terminal Services. Data Transfer Utility – transfers data between Pro-Watch and external data sources. View and Download Scytek Electronic GALAXY G40RS product manual. Scytek electronics inc. Galaxy remote start system product manual. Use, and service.

• GALAXY G40RS AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION ONLY WITH SEPERATE LOCK/UNLOCK BUTTONS REMOTE START SYSTEM PRODUCT MANUAL. • Limited Lifetime Warranty This vehicle remote start system is warranted to the original purchaser, to be free from defects in material and workmanship. The manufacturer will repair or replace at its option, and free of charge for the first twelve (12) months, any part that proves defective in material or workmanship under normal installation, use, and service, provided the product is returned to the manufacturer freight prepaid. • Remote Transmitters Remote Transmitter Description Button 1 Button 2 Button 3 Button 4 is a state-of-the-art remote starting system is supplied with two 4-button Remote G40RS Transmitters used to control system operations. The built-in remote start feature is designed to offer maximum convenience by remote starting your vehicle’s engine, turning on the heater/air conditioner, and then running for a pre-determined time to provide a comfortable environment once you enter your vehicle.

• Adding/Replacing Transmitters To replace lost or stolen transmitters or to add additional transmitters into the system, have all desired transmitters ready and follow the steps below. Street fighter 2 deluxe mame 0.180 Note: Up to four transmitters can be programmed to operate the system.

To erase any previously stored transmitter codes, be sure to program all 4 transmitter memory locations. • Remote Locking To Lock the doors: 1. Turn off the ignition. Press Button 1. The doors will lock.

The parking lights will flash once. The LED will turn on, to indicate the doors are locked. 10 seconds after Locking:. • Valet Mode The Valet Mode temporarily disables the remote start system so the vehicle may be serviced by a mechanic. The remote transmitters will continue to lock/unlock the doors. To activate or deactivate the Valet Mode: 1. Turn on the ignition.

• Ignition Door Locking For added safety, the Ignition Door Locking feature allows vehicles equipped with power door lock systems to automatically lock the doors when the ignition is turned on. Ignition Door Unlocking For added convenience, this feature automatically unlocks the doors after the ignition key is turned off. The Ignition Door Unlocking feature may also be completely disabled if desired. • Branch Feature 1. Ignition Door Locking 2. Ignition Door Unlocking 3.

Door Unlock Pulse 4. Door Lock Pulse Length 5. Lock after Start 6. Lock after Shutdown 7. Engine Run Time 8. Automatic Start Mode 9. Tachless Sense Crank Time 10.

• 8-Pin Main Harness Pin 1 RED WIRE: Module Power Input (+). Connect to a constant source of +12V Pin 2 GREEN/WHITE WIRE: Brake Input (+). Connect to the wire that shows +12V when pressing the brake. The Green/white wire is a safety shutdown wire that must be connected. Pin 3 BROWN/WHITE: Horn Output (-) 500 mA. • 2-Pin Blue Connector: Valet switch port.

Mount switch where it is accessible from the driver’s position. 2-Pin Red Connector: LED port. Mount LED where it may be easily seen from either side of the vehicle. 3-Pin White Door Lock Connector: Door lock port.

• Door Lock Diagrams Adding Actuators Negative Trigger Reverse Polarity Positive Trigger blue green Positive Horn Honk Page 10 - G 40RS. • Control Unit G-40RS For Factory Disarm pulse use the unlock wire Enable unlock Before Start location # 12 System Programming: Added 15. Trunk Release/ Horn Out © ScyTek Electronics 2009 Wiring Diagram Green/White Brown/White Horn Output (-)500mA White White/Black Blue/Orange Remote Start output (-) When running Black Black/Gray Green Lock output.

Make Honeywell Security Manufacturer Model code Galaxy Gold Series Accessories Software for Galaxy series Additional info For remote servicing and programming, via the public telephone network of Galaxy control panels. Once connected, Galaxy Gold provides complete control over the Galaxy panel, enabling full function remote servicing to be carried out. Compatible with Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows ME. Also available are Galaxy Security Directors Gold (SDG) (for security managers), and alarm Monitoring (for remote monitoring) software packages.