Itextsharp Add Header To Existing Pdf

In my project I am using MVC4,C# and itextsharp to generate pdf. Pdf document using itextsharp (without overriding the. Adding footers to existing pdf. How to play pal games on ntsc wii with homebrew. ITextSharp Add Header Footer in Nilesh Thakker developer's blog. Saturday, November 30, 2013. ITextSharp–Add header/footer to PDF.

Itextsharp pdf table

Thanks for your great post. I'm new to iText and looked over the net quite a while before finding your post.

Just one question: I've implemented your solution which woks fine, but added instead of a dummy Paragraph a big PDFPTable of Data, which is splitted on 5 pages How can I set the position and size of the table to fit between the 2 horizontal separation lines of the header and the footer?