How To Crack Webmin Password

How to install webmin on ubuntu. Cracking password protected archive files with rar. Fake IP using airbase-ng. Using Hydra or Medusa to gain access to network ro.

At times we often forget the webmin password for a given user, say root, or after repeated failed login attempts webmin locks the account and one cannot login anymore. In this case you need to wait for couple, three minutes and you will be able to try to login again.

If you are useing Webmin system administration and you forget your password you will probably see how frustrating that there is not a way of remembering the password or reset it. Webmin gives us the only possibility of authentication, but when you are not authenticated, you can not do anything. So we can not change the user password. A solution still exist using the command line. For this, we need the installation directory, the directory configuration and the user name to reset password. If Webmin is installed in “/usr/share/webmin” and the settings are stored in “/etc/webmin” we can rewrite the admin user password by running the following command as root: /usr/share/webmin/ * – is the directory where webmin settings are stored. * – is the username for which we want to reset password.

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* – is the new password. Example: /usr/share/webmin/ /etc/webmin root eFNULfDeNYKsd8Yf After changing the password we can log in normally on port 10000.