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Initial D: Third Stage was a feature film covering the story arcs between the second and fourth stage, released in Japan on January 13, 2001. Buy initial d - comic in Simpang Rengam,Malaysia. Get great deals on Comics & Manga Chat to Buy.

Overall 10 Story 10 Art 10 Character 6 Enjoyment 10 Man Oh Man, this Manga, probably the best Iv'e read, if you're not a TRUE JDM, or Japanese car lover, turn away, because this anime is set in the 90s, when Touge racing was BIG. Story; 10/10 It's generic, some teen who likes cars races to become the best in Japan, who started driving at a young age, and is a blood born racer. Art; 10/10 Spot on!

Cars have lots of detail and the characters look really nice and well drawn! Character 6/10, it doesn't really progress throughout the anime, but I did give it the 6 points because the main character goes from a bloke who doesn't even know what his own car is to a expert driver Now, personally if you were to read a part where people are racing, I'd recommend turning on Eurobeat, for that 90s feel!

I really recommend this Anime/Manga to any car geek. Overall 8 Story 7 Art 9 Character 7 Enjoyment 8 Let me first start off by stating this. If you want to read a manga(or watch an anime) that has awesome real life racing elements, look no further than Initial D. This so far is a fantastic piece of work and gradually gets better the more you get into it. I remember reading 3 volumes a day because I could not get enough of the adrenaline pumpin' races. The suspense, racing strategies, and gorgeous artwork make this manga extremely hard to put down.

This manga does have flaws that set it back from being a true racing masterpiece. Qualcomm usb driver Which I will divulge in this database ranking system review. Story: 7 The story is very predictable. And really there is not too much excitement in it either. Beat one opponent in a race then battle another harder opponent on another mountain. Beat every team in this region, enter a new one.

Which is not bad at all, it's just very predictable. I gotta say, though the story is linear, the tournament battle system theme fits so perfectly in Initial D. I have been reading this manga for quite awhile now and the story is the last thing you are going to be thinking about when reading this manga. Art: 9 WOW.freakin' WOW is what I have to say about the art in Initial D.

From the beautiful background designs, to the precise and sharp design of the cars. You can guess why it's taking awhile for this manga to finish. BECAUSE THE ART IS EYE CANDY!!! If anything kept me going to reading more and more of Initial D, it's the fact that the art is one of the best out their in the manga industry. The only thing keeping the art from being a perfect 10 out 10 is the repetitiveness of some scenes during the races. You will notice that some scenes look practically no different from a few pages ago.

It's rare, but you will notice it from time to time. Character: 7 Not much to say here. New characters pop up here and there. Which kinda prevents character development from becoming great. I say this because when they do pop up it's only to battle. The main characters may not appeal to everyone because this series has more racing than character development. In other words, I am left with a blank to think what goes on through the minds of some characters.

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Many don't seem very memorable either and put on a not so memorable performance on their part. That being said,it still does not mean that the characters are not fit for the series, because they fit perfectly. They all have their own unique personality that shows off their racing skills. Enjoyment: 8 You can probably already guess from what I said in the beginning of this review that the enjoyment from this manga is gonna get you sucked in the moment you start witnessing how AWESOME the style of racing is. This manga has many incredible races and they just keep getting better as the manga progresses.

You will see many race elements put into Initial D that build suspense greatly, not to mention how weather plays a huge part in some of the races. Overall: 8 For those who are not that interested in racing, or for those who love racing. Initial D appeals to any fan of action or racing. I strongly suggest you give this series a read. Whether it's the anime or manga, you are going to grow an attachment to this stunning racing series.