Micro-scope V16 Download

ENHANCEMENTS: • Modified the Processor Identification for an improved identification string. • Updated microprocessor identifications and benchmarking. • Added System or Motherboard Manufacturer Name, Model Number and Serial Number to the Report and System Information screen. • Added L1, L2, and L3 Cache data to the Report and System Information Screen. • Added NTFS support to the Partition Display/Editor. • Partition Editor Enhancements to support NTFS and larger hard drives • Expanded the IDE Device support from 4 devices to 8 devices. • Expanded the ability to find all IDE Controllers including SATA and RAID.

• Added Intel Pro 1000 and Pro 100 NIC Support and added 3Com 3C2000 NIC Support. • Added LBA Sector entry to Hard Disk Editor. • Added Parallel ATA, Serial ATA, and IDE RAID support to the ATA/SCSI testing and editor (it use to only support ATAPI and SCSI devices) • Integration of USB-Scope 2.0 – Micro-Scope will have the option to run USB-Scope from the boot option of Micro-Scope • Multiple Xeon Processor testing • Expand and display internal cache on newer processors • Update AMD Athlon XP benchmark testing • Enhancements on reports – to report hard drive serial number, model number, and motherboard model/serial from DMI New Support. • Added the Multi-Processor tests on Intel Quad Core processors. • Microscope, MemScope and PuppyLinux now included on the same bootable device. • SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) support for IDE Hard Disk Drives.

The Stereo Zoom Microscope Axio Zoom.V16 combines typical advantages of stereomicroscopes, like flexible zoom and large working distance with resolution capabilities known only of compound microscopes. Discount Micro-Scope V16 Quattro Download Version from Micro2000, Inc. PC Hardware Diagnostics Download - Microscope V16 Software On sales Micro-Scope V16 Quattro Download Version from Micro2000, Inc. Micro-Scope V16 Quattro Download Version from Micro2000, Inc. ATTENTION COMPUTER REPAIR GURUS.

• Added an automated “RUN ALL” from the command line prompt, which performs all tests applicable to the components installed on the system, then saves a report. • Added support for Serial ATA (SATA) Hard Disk Drives to Identify and diagnose hard drives using SATA HDD. • Added support for IDE RAID Hard Disk Drives. Ability to support RAID drive controllers using SATA and IDE RAID controllers • Network Card expansion support • Added support to test IDE (both SATA and PATA) Hard Disk Drives even if the BIOS do not recognize the drives.

• Integrated USB-Scope 2.0 into the Micro-Scope Suite Publisher Date Added January 29, 2013 Last Updated January 29, 2013 Related Tags: Awards.

Micro-scope V16 Download

Micro-Scope V16 Quattro Download Version from Micro2000, Inc. PC Hardware Diagnostic software for drive crashes, corrupt master boot records, repartioning in CMOS, memory testing, batch testing, port testing, low-level formatting hard drives, burn-in. Over 250 true computer hardware tests and utilities software Micro-Scope V16 Quattro Download Version from Micro2000, Inc.

Info The #1 PC Hardware Diagnostics Utility Software That Provides The User With Over 250 True Hardware Diagnostics & Utility Tests Combined Is Now Available To YOU TOO! Micro2000 Inc. Was founded in 1990 to provide professional quality computer PC Hardware Diagnostics for personal computers or PC’s. At that time, PC hardware diagnostics were available for main-frames and mini-computers, but good PC diagnostics were virtually non-existent.

Linux serial port programming. The first product created by Micro2000 was the Micro-Scope software, which immediately garnered a Byte Magazine User’s Choice Award and became the Best-Selling PC hardware diagnostics software of its type in the industry. Through constant innovation, Micro-Scope software remains an industry leader to this day. And now the same software that has remained an industry leader for over 2 decades is finally available electronically. And, of course, this leads us to these 2 BIG QUESTIONS to answer: The benefits of using Micro-Scope is first and foremost, it does not rely on supporting information from the platform (OS) or the Basic Input/Output (BIOS) of the computer it is diagnosing. Micro-Scope runs its own proprietary OS at the hardware level, so it basically talks to the hardware directly, irregardless of what the operating systems is (Windows, Novell, OS2 etc:) or what the BIOS of that system is reporting. Micro-Scope is in the simplest form, a true hardware diagnostic for true hardware issues. So rather its a crashed drive that you need to activate the drive controller This Post is about Micro-Scope V16 Quattro Download Version from Micro2000, Inc., hardware diagnostics, hardware diagnostic tools, pc diagnostic tool, diagnostic software download, hardware testing, pc diagnostics, hard drive diagnostics, pc troubleshooting, hardware diagnostic, hard drive diagnostic, Click The Button Above To See More About Micro-Scope V16 Quattro Download Version from Micro2000, Inc.