Akabur Save Game

PRINCESS TRAINER GOLD by AKABUR ------------------------------- Windows Download Mac Download Note-Some Quests require Jasmine to be with you while others require the opposite. You may or may not also need to be /fit/.

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Good day, everyone! Time for a surprise middle-of-the-week news update!

Akabur save games

We finished working on the 1.6! And so Witch Trainer Russian Edition 1.6F. *Complete and thorough bug fix, that went through multiple waves of rigorous testing.

*Removed logical loopholes. *Finished and edited English translation.

*Removed all the unnecessary code (that wasn’t used in the game). Now, as we have finished our work on this project, we can fully focus on our game, Innocent Witches. Despite us officially ending support for this project, we are ready to provide our support in adding new translations to the game. Please, feel free to attempt to translate, if you want to. You will find the archive with the files for the translation, by following this link. It says English, but all you have to do is to replace the English sentences in files with the sentences in the language of your choosing.

All the work needed to properly incorporate your translation into the game will be done by our team.

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