Mtnl Mumbai Caller Id Activation

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd., Mumbai. Application for Phone Plus Facility To, The Sub-Divisional Engineer (QCS) ____________ Tel.

May 9, 2012 - In an attempt to boost its Fixed Line / Land-line services, Mumbai's largest Broadband and Land line phone service provider Mahanagar. MTNL Mumbai Customer Care Number MTNL Mumbai Customer Care Phone Number Toll Free. MTNL Mumbai customer care for broadband, MTNL. Caller ID display is not.

Exchange, MTNL,Mumbai Date ___________ Sir, I/We the undersigned subscriber(s) of Telephone Number ___________ would like to apply for the following Phone Plus Facility on my/our telephone. I/We under take to pay all the prescribed rentals charges. Abbreviated Dialing 5. Conference Facility 2.

Absentee Service (Three-way Calling) 3. Call Transfer (Call Forwarding) 6.

Hot Line- Telephone 4. Hunting Facility 7. CLIP/Caller ID (on 2 or more lines) No.

Mtnl Mumbai Caller Id Activation

TO BE FILLED IN FOR HUNTING FACILITY ONLY (In case Subscribers are different, all should sign,the application) Principle Tele. No.________________________ Auxilary Tele. Nos________________________ _________________________ Name and address of the applicant (Subscriber)(Please Write in Capital Letters) ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Signature (s) of the ____________________________________________ Subscriber(s) with status N.B. Please tick mark the required facility 2. For hunting facility please give all Telephone Numbers. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Received Application Form for Phone Plus Facility of _______________________ on Telephone number____________________on__________2000 Receiver's Signature with Rubber Stamp.

Services PHONE PLUS FACILITY CLIP (CALLING LINE IDENTIFICATION PRESENTATION) MTNL, Delhi has made available yet another customer friendly feature for all subscribers served from Digital Electronic Exchanges. The facility enables the subscribers to know the telephone number of the calling party. For this, customers have to subscribe to this facility, and have to either use their own FEATURE PHONE (a telephone with in-built facility) or a separate ADD-ON device with the existing telephone instrument. The feature phone and add-on device should have the interface approval of the Telecom Engineering Centre (TEC) For subscribing to this facility, apply on a plain paper at your Divisional Customer Service Centre only.

The charges of this service are Rs. Autodesk sketchbook pro free download. 50/- only per month. In addition, a one time processing fee Rs 50/- only will be charged and billed in your regular bi-monthly bills. After equipping and subscribing, the called subscribers will get the identification of the calling party, of all the incoming calls, in the format “ABCDEFGHI” followed by Zero. ”ABCDEFGHI” consists of the STD code of the place followed by the local number of the calling party subscribers.