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- Buy, Sell, and Trade UK - Buy, Sell, Catalogue. - Check Record Prices. I saw them too.:) The buddy of mine who bought the ticket for me did so because I got him into HHT and MBD.:D MBD remembered me from previous shows they've done out here(I have some old merch of theirs) and this time I actually wore the PJs for their set. They were so happy about it. Throughout the show I had great chats with most all the band and at the end I got some awesomeness from Sarah, Dagan, and their merch guy.

(I feel terrible since I forgot his name!) In addition to a drum stick I was SHOCKED to look into a paper bag and find these: I then turned around because someone (Sarah) tapped me on the shoulder. I didn't know at the time but this (Yes, that's me and my cargo bike with an ottoman strapped to the back) It was a most incredible night. I've been super bummed that I couldn't participate in their kickstarter and get into the Murder By Death forever club. This did a ton to help ease the pain.;) Glad to see that there are some other MBD fans here on Reddit!