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Contents • • • • • • • • • Line-up changes [ ] This is the first album to feature on lead guitar, and by extension, the first record to feature the band's 'classic' lineup. Jabs replaced who went on to form his own band,., younger brother of rhythm guitarist Rudolf, who had just split from, recorded lead guitars on 'Another Piece of Meat', 'Coast to Coast', 'Holiday', 'Loving You Sunday Morning' and 'Lovedrive'. At the beginning of the Scorpions' German tour in February 1979, it was announced that Michael had rejoined the band and the group reluctantly parted ways with Matthias Jabs. However, in April 1979 while the band was touring in, Michael quit leading to Jabs' immediate return after intense negotiations. Artwork [ ] The original album cover depicted a well dressed man and woman seated in the back of a car, with the woman's right breast exposed and connected to the man's hand by stretched bubblegum.

The back cover featured the same man and woman, but holding a photograph of the band, and with the woman's left breast completely exposed without any gum. It was created by of the design firm. It caused some controversy in the US upon the album's release, with later pressings of the album bearing a simple design of a blue scorpion on a black background. The original uncensored art was restored for the remaster series. Recalling the cover photo with the woman and the car, Thorgerson remarked: 'Not exactly the most politically correct scene you've ever seen.

I thought it was funny, but women read a different inflection into it now.' In a 2010 interview, singer Klaus Meine commented on the album cover, stating: 'We just did not know it would be a problem in America, it was just sex and rock 'n' roll. It is odd that in America some of these covers were a problem, because in the 80's when we would tour here, we always had boobs flashed to us at the front of the stage. Nowhere else in the world, just here. We just did not think it would be a problem to put out a record like Lovedrive in America.' Track listing [ ] Side one No. Title Lyrics Music Length 1.

Is There Anybody There. Always Somewhere. Life's Like a River. Fly to the Rainbow. Another Piece of Meat. Can't Get Enough. Albumlegend - Download Lagu Full Album Scorpions - Lovedrive 1979. Scorpions - Lovedrive 1979. Scorpions - 1979 - Lovedrive. Rar Password: myarcop.

In response to the legal push and a pre-production version of the album leaking on the internet, the vocalist, Ian Bearer, uploaded the finished album on his channel and put up the entire album for download via Total Deathcore. Rings of Saturn went into recording their 3rd studio album in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, having Aaron Kitcher of and Black Tongue to fill in all drums arrangements as a special guest on the album. Ian Baker and Sean Martinez parted ways with the band shortly after the official release of Dingir, the band later took part in The Summer Slaughter Tour of 2013 adding Jesse Beahler for drums until the end of the tour. The album was originally scheduled to be released on November 20, 2012, but due to legal issues, the album release was pushed back to February 5, 2013. Rings

'Loving You Sunday Morning', 5:36 2. 'Another Piece of Meat' Rarebell R.

Schenker, Rarebell 3:30 3. 'Always Somewhere' Meine R.

Schenker 4:56 4. 'Coast to Coast' (instrumental) M. Schenker / R. Schenker 4:42 Side two No. Title Lyrics Music Length 5. 'Can't Get Enough' Meine R.

Schenker 2:36 6. 'Is There Anybody There?' Meine, Rarebell R.

Schenker 3:58 7. 'Lovedrive' Meine R.

Schenker 4:49 8. 'Holiday' Meine M. Schenker / R. Schenker 6:32 2015 Bonus Tracks (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) No. Title Lyrics Music Length 9. 'Cause I Love You' (Demo Version) Meine R.

Schenker 4:31 10. 'Holiday' (Demo Version) Meine R. Schenker 9:34 Personnel [ ] Scorpions • - • -, • -, • -, • -, • -, Production • - producer, engineer, mixing • Steve Fallone - mastering Charts [ ].

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☠: Selected by Buccaneer © 1979-1988 Mercury Records Prior to 's recording, ' lineup had a major change when their lead guitarist,, quit the group (not to mention, the rock genre was rapidly changing). With this in mind, the band not only highlighted the album with the licks and riffs of three guitarists (Rudolf Schenker,, ), but they also dramatically changed their style to sound more like that of. This change is quite welcome; not only are the performances more unpredictable, but the lyrics and melodies are better written. In fact, some of ' best songs, such as 'Loving You Sunday Morning,' 'Holiday,' and 'Coast to Coast' are found here, making it one of their finest.