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Sir, you’re selling licensing solution and I understand your frustration over the competition products, from our exeprience with PELock it protects against cracking or at least stops those attempts and it works, it works in real life conditions. I know many stories from fellow programmers about their software cracked in no time (including my friend who used YOUR LimeLM system!). You are right, there’s no thing as uncrackable protection, but your misinterpretation of the PELock’s page headers is just wrong and harmful. If any protection will help me to delay or discourage crackers from trying to crack our software - I’ll be more than happy to pay for it! Your solution doesn’t even try to stop it. You don’t even try to hide this fact.

Even your own customers says LimeLM doesn’t protect from cracks! By reading your articles I have doubts you have any decent knowledge about software protection and how it works on the battlefield. You are selling a lie in a nice package and you try to convince everyone else your solution is the correct one and anything else is flawed. Well you know what? You’re simply wrong.

There are better solutions that try to address some important issues, they might be not perfect, not uncrackable, but it just works. Even if you don’t agree with it. And there’s no reason to argue with a person who thinks there’s no point in software protection just because everything can be cracked. Well, I suppose that if you are so successful and rich as you are implying you are thanks to your obviously superior software protection PELock my only question is: why do you waste your time in online forums? At least I do drive a fancy BMW and enjoy 8 weeks of vacation every year. And I spend it flying around expensive planes.

Well, the reason why I BOTHER to reply here is because thanks to Wyatt I am not driving a Chrysler. We cannot use PELock (like probably a lot of companies with software products) because it is Windows only. Our market is 50% Mac. Probably you missed that detail. Oh, and it also does Linux. Wyatt delivers what he promises. A reliable software solution that can be used to reduce / limit casual piracy on essentially any platform.

Punjabi song. Let me do the math for you: we use PELock - we lose 50% of our market. Will we double our Windows sales because PELock is so much better than LimeLM? Download video gokil 3gp mp3.

Well, because as mentioned earlier, the biggest problem are currently filesharers for “cracked” software - and those can be taken down quite effectively. Unless you turn the executable file in a mess - in essence every software can be cracked because its machine code. And to be quite honest: I don’t want to deal with all these antivirus programs blocking this mess.