Noma Air Conditioner Manual

Ok, so get this. Went to Canadian Tire to get the phone number to call Noma.

The 1-866 number they gave me rings to infinity. So went back. A different girl gives me a different number. This time I got someone on the phone. She has never heard of that model of the unit, puts me on hold. She calls the warehouse and they say they have the manual and can e-mail it to me. I say I'll wait for the e-mail, back on hold I go.

Just hooked up a Noma wacr5200e unit in my apartment that a friend gave me. Can't seem to find a manual for it online. Does anyone know. OWNER’S MANUAL Voltage rating: 120V~60Hz Power rating: 1400W Portable Air Conditioner Model: MM14CCS Customer Support: 1-800-474-21477.

After 10 minutes an e-mail comes in but its not for the correct unit. Activation key generator. So I tell the girl and she transfers me to the warehouse. The guy at the warehouse asks when my unit is from. I tell him its the model that was sold in 2006 and 2007. He goes to say that Noma changed manufactures of the unit in 2009, so the 1-800 number I called is only good for 2009 and 2010 units.

Anything before 2009 I need to call Danby. He says this has happened in the past and gives me the number. So I call Danby. They have no idea what the hell I am talking about. So I call back Noma.

Get the same guy from the warehouse when I tried to get transferred to a CSR. He says Noma is just the name brand and not the manufacture, he has no idea who did these units pre-2009 and that I should go back to Canadian Tire and see if the manager can track down who to call on my behalf.

• Programmable Thermostat THM301M MODEL: THM301M - USER’S MANUAL (ENGLISH) DATE: Oct 2, 2003. • Separate Heat/Cool programs with built-in protection for the air-conditioner compressor Display and set temperature in °C or °F Interface with heating or air-conditioning systems for automatic temperature control THM301M - This thermostat requires two AA size batteries (included) to operate.

Ensure the batteries A) ATTACH THERMOSTAT B) ATTACH COVER are installed. • Function Key Descriptions Back-Cover Back-Cover LCD DISPLAY DISPLAY AHEAD PROGRAM SET CLOCK DOWN HOLD BACK FAN CONTROL RESET CURRENT HEAT/COOL CONTROL LCD Display HE AT Temperature COOL Weekday HOLD Program 1 Program 2 Program 3 AM/PM mode Program 4 Hour/Minute Setting Set Time and Day Press SET CLOCK to start time setting. • Programs This thermostat is equipped with separate programming for weekdays and weekends, with four programs each. Program 1: this is typically for the morning when you may prefer a warmer temperature. Program 2: this is an energy-savings mode, for the time you are away from home.

The setting can be adjusted to minimize energy consumption. • Connecting The Wires To The Terminals Heating Program Wall Back-Cover Through Hole Slide the system switch to the HEAT position and press the PROGRAM key once, the P1 and SET symbols will appear on the display. MO to FR symbol is shown indicating Weekday program is being displayed. • Cooling Programs Replacing Old Thermostat Slide the system switch to the COOL position and repeat the programming as you would for the Note: Do not operate the cooling system when outside temperature is below 10 C (50 F) to avoid °. • Press both AHEAD and BACK keys together at the same time to change the time display from 12 Generally, equipment with low voltage control is compatible with the THM301M thermostat. For hour format to 24 hour format (e.g. 8:00pm / 20:00) and vice versa.

• Reset THM301M Installation Manual If the thermostat shows an abnormal display or if you want to clear all existing programs, use a Introduction pointed object to press the ‘R’ key. Time and programs will need to be set again after a Reset.

Product THM301M: I turned my heat off when I went on vacation for 6 days. When I returned, my display was blinking at 64.5 degrees and pressing 'Prog​' or 'Disp​lay' or 'Curr​ent' didn't do anything to stop the display from blinking. ​I pushed in the 'R&qu​ot; button and the display disappeare​d. Never to return. The 'R&qu​ot; button finally did pop back out to it's original position, but the display has been blank for over 24 hrs.

Noma portable air conditioner manual

I can turn the heat on and off, but nothing is working as formerly programmed​. How do I get my display back so I can check the programs and edit them if needed? Ne​ed your help please. Thanks • Pamela MacEwen Nov 28, 2017 12:26.