Oregon Scientific Weather Station Software Kit Wmr968

Tobaccovilleweather.com Weather Station This page is a work in progress. Click on an image for a full sized view. Please be patient. Weather Station Indoor Equipment Left: Dedicated weather station computer running Davis Weatherlink, Ambient Virtual Weather Station, Image Salsa and Lightning/2000 software. Center: Davis Vantage Pro2 console. Right: Oregon Scientific WMR968 console. Webcam and Video Surveillance Equipment Left: Web Development Workstation Middle: Webcam and Video Surveillance Right: Time Lapse Movie Workstation The weather station and video equipment are powered by a.

Virtual Weather Station for WMR200, WMR100, WMR88. Software Manuals. ©2018, Oregon Scientific Inc. Oregon Scientific WMR112, WMR918, WMR968, Radio Shack 63-1016 Replacement Parts at AmbientWeather.com. Buy weather stations, wireless weather stations, emergency radios, barometers, hygrometers, lightning detectors, thermometers, wind and rain gauges.

The will run the weather station and several other pieces of essential equipment for 24 hours without external power. Weather Station Outdoor Davis ISS Top: Heated Rain Collector Middle: Sensor Interface Module with Transmitter Bottom: Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield which encloses Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Probes Rear: 4' (0.01' resolution) Manual Rain Gauge The Sky Cam is visible in the background. Davis Anemometer with Remote Transmitter Kit Weather Cams Left: Feeder Cam Middle: Pan/Tilt/Zoom Critter Cam With Infrared Illuminators Right: Weather Board Cam Upper Right: Infrared Illuminators Weather Cams - Another View Sky Cam. The Axis 211 has 'Slow Shutter' with exposures as long as 2 seconds. Low light performance is excellent.

Moving objects are blurred at slow shutter speeds but this isn't a problem for sky observations. There are some minor imager defects visible in full low light mode. More information about the Axis 211 network camera can be found. Below is an image of the moonlit sky captured by the Sky Cam. The weather station in the foreground and the trees are illuminated by a couple of street lights in the neighborhood. Most nights the sky is filled with an orange glow from the street lights in Winston-Salem reflecting off haze in the atmosphere. Hp nokia murah. On clear nights brighter stars are visible.

Boltek Lightning Detector. The Boltek antennas are located inside homemade PVC enclosures made from parts obtained at a local home improvement center.

The antenna assembly is mounted on top of two 10' sections of antenna mast. The mast is attached to the house using a pair of heavy duty wall mounts and lag bolts. The antennas are approximately 30' above the ground.


View of Boltek antenna inside PVC housing. The PVC housing consists of a 3' to 1 1/2' reducer, a 3' long piece of 3' PVC pipe and a 3' PVC pipe cap. The 3' pipe is glued into the reducer. The pipe cap is slipped on top of the assembly after applying some Teflon grease to the inside of the cap and on the outside of the mating PVC pipe. DO NOT glue the cap on to the assembly. The Boltek antenna is secured with three pieces of dense foam, one on the front and one on each side.

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The final arrangement of the Boltek antenna is slightly different from the picture. The foam is between the side of the antenna with the mounting holes and the pipe. I changed the layout so I could strain relief the antenna cable to the bottom mounting hole with a small tie wrap. (More to come.) This is a view of the antenna assembly with the pipe cap partially installed. Home Made Debris Screen for Rain Collector Bottom view of fine mesh kitchen strainer with handle removed. The strainer is made of tough stainless steel.

A grinder or Dremel tool with a cutoff wheel is required to remove the handle. The strainer was purchased at a local Walmart. I like the rim design.