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Star Plus serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya serial latest news, Sathiya upcoming story, spoilers, future twists In the upcoming episodes of Saath Nibhana Saathiya serial on Star Plus it will be seen that Chanda will attempt to reveal Gauar’s truth in front of Dharam and Meera.

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my. Thanks for visiting! “Saath Nibhana Sathiya” – “Stand by my side” Running successfully in India, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Romania, Vietnam, Israel, Nigeria, Georgia, Indonesia, Srilanka, Tajikistan, Vietnam and USA Episodes 2184* Duration 30’ Total Hours 1092 “Sathya is a successful series, because the story is very interesting and the actors are excellent. In practice this is the story Cinderella and viewers always enjoy this. When the protagonists fall in love with each, they are like the characters from Pride and Prejudice, which makes the series even more interesting”. Acquisition manager, Astana TV, Kazakhstan Synopsis Raised by her loving Mama and tyrannical Mami, Gopi has been bereft of the true love of a mother. She craves the same love, and hopes to win it from the family she is married into.

Gopi’s life is ruled by her Mami Urmilaben and her street smart cousin, Rashi, who undermine her and treat her like a servant. Gopi has no ambitions and is uneducated. Her only dream is to have a loving husband and in-laws. Kokilaben Modi is a strong willed woman whose dream is to become a mother-in-law and rule over her daughter-in-law. Unlike Kokilaben, Hetal is a simple woman who tries to keep the family together. Kokila has raised her son Aham to only listen to her commands.

Aham is a workaholic and will let nothing come in his way to success. Kokilaben’s husband, Parag, is the reason Kokilaben has been so strict with Aham’s upbringing. She doesn’t want Aham to turn into a couch potato like his father.

Koki also feels that if her husband would have done well, she would have got more importance in the family. Hetal’s son Jigar, on the other hand, is sweet and simple like his mother and father, Chirag. Jigar is not as ambitious as Aham and works under Aham. Baa is Hetal and Kokila’s mother-in-law and everyone loves and respects her.

Kokila, however, never listens to her and marches to the beat of her own drums. The story begins with Kokilaben’s search for the perfect bahu for her son, Aham. She wants a simple and docile girl who she can rule over. Her search ends with Gopi. She marries off Aham and Gopi.

Gopi’s cousin, Rashi, manipulates her way into the house and marries Jigar. Her only motive is ruling over her simple mother-in-law Hetal and husband Jigar. Gopi, being innocent, has no clue what awaits her in her sasural. What will happen when Gopi and Rashi enter their sasural? Will Gopi find her mother in her Sasuma?

You can watch a video presentation and synopsis of the series here.

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