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Quote: Originally posted by Vestapol Is there something written that shows what the letters are of guitar serial numbers? I have never seen a public document that explains this. We have found out over the years that some of the letters stand for the factory where they are made (and the country if the same manufacturer is in multiple countries). Take my D34SCE Augusta for example. It begins with SK, which I understand stands for Samick Korea, but my WD18SW begins with SI, or Samick Indonesia (Samick makes guitars for a lot of people - they're HUGE). My J56SW is made in China and also begins with a G, so my assumption is at this time that the G stands for the producer of these guitars.

The serial number stamped on the Schecter branded neck plate is four digits in the format 80** or 81** can't remember which. I assumed it was '80 or '81, but I didn't know. If so I would imagine it is worth a more than a used MIA Strat of comparable age. Jan 1, 2000 - The first two numerical digits of the serial number (found on the back of the headstock) will tell you what year the instrument was made.

--- Jim Dirkes - aka Deacon Charleston, SC The Pack: 2005 Washburn J56SWNA Timbercraft 2005 Washburn D34SCE Augusta 2004 Washburn WD18SW 2004 Washburn NV100C Classical 1996 Washburn D46S Cheyenne The Rest: 2005 Epiphone Les Paul Classic 1981 Electra Phoenix X140N. As you can see, it could mean many things depending on the manufacturer. Alembic The first 2 numbers of the serial number correspond to the year it was built. There may also be present a letter code designating a certain model.

The latter digits indicate the individual instrument and its place in production. American Archtops The digits after the dash in the serial number are the year that the guitar was made in. Tom Anderson The neck plate of each guitar has the date it was completed along with the letters A,N or P which stands for a.m., noon or p.m. Arpeggio Korina The first 2 numbers (they will have a space between them) are the year of manufacture, then a 0, then the production number for that year. Benedetto Benedetto archtops have a 4 or 5 digit serial number.the last 2 digits in the # are the year in which the instrument was made. The digits in front of the last 2 are the instruments place in production.

G.S.Brandt The year is on the label inside of the guitar - you can also use a mirror to read the inside of the top of the guitar which is signed and dated. Breedlove On the label, inside of the guitar - the first two numbers of the serial number is the year the instrument was made. Buscarino The last two digits of the serial number is the year in which the guitar was made in.

Campellone The first three digits of the serial number are the sequence of production - the next two are the month - the last two are the year in which the guitar was made. Carvin From 1964 thru 1968 Carvin Guitars Do Not Have serial numbers.then in 1970 they started off with number 5000. Year Serial # 1970 5000 1980-1983 11,000 - 13,000 1983-1984 13,001 - 15,000 1985-1986 17,000 - 20,000 1988-1989 22,000 - 25,000 1989-1991 26,000 - 33,000 1992-?

Schecter serial number

Citron The first two digits of the serial number is the month in which the guitar was made.the second two digits are the year in which the guitar was made. Collings The date is on the label on the inside of the guitar. Comins The date is on the label on the inside of the guitar. Charles Cote' Basses Before 1995 Charles Cote' Basses Do Not Have Serial Numbers.starting in 1995 each bass has a 5 digit serial #.the first 2 #'s are the year in which it was manufactured. The last three #'s are the sequence in manufacturing of that year. Danelectro Most Danelectro serial #'s have 4 digits. The first 2 are the week of completion.the last digit is the year.

D'Angelico John D'Angelico built 1,164 guitars, all by hand. Tamil video songs hd download. The first few had no serial #'s.

Looking at that list of manufacturers, the ones that have the most specific information are the custom/small shop builders or are companies that ahve been in continuous existence for many years. Of course Collings, Goodall, Langejans et al. Are going to have specific dates on their instruments. They are, for the most part, hand crafted instruments and are built in the US. Easy to pinpoint the date they were completed.

Import guitars are another matter. Our serial numbers specify a year, a month and often the country of origin and/or the name of the manufacturer. There are exceptions to this rule as each Asian vendor uses their own variation on this serial numbering scheme however rule of YYMMXXXX applies in general. As far as the letters go, they denote the manufacturer.