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Real Names of Chandrlekha serial actor and actress: Character Chandra: Shwetha Bandekar plays the role of Chandra. She is the lead heroine of this Chandralekha serial. She is the lover and would be of Sanjay. She gets married to Siddharth for rescuing his daughter. Character Lekha: Nagashree GS plays the role of Lekha.

Check out the Biography of Jeeva (Tamil Actor) (Jiiva). Find all the details on jeeva (tamil actor) age, birthday, life story, film career, awards, achievements & more on Filmibeat. Nov 17, 2014 - Jeeva was born on 4th January 1984 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu State. Actor Jeeva / Jiiva family members names, childhood and photos.

She is the leading negative character of this serial. She is the wife of Sabari character. She is the daughter of Vasundara Devi and Ashok in the serial. Character Sabari: Arun Kumar Rajan plays the role of Sabari. He initially ran a Matrimony business. Later he switched to the business of his father-in-law Ashok. He is playing the husband role of Lekha in this serial.

He lives with his mother and wife Lekha is father-in-law's guest house. She initially loved Chandra and wanted to get married to her. But he had to marry Lekha. When Lekha came to know about this, she became angry with Sabari and Chandra.

Character Sanjay: Jai Dhanush plays the role of Sanjay. He is the one who is going to get married to Chandra.

It was initially an arranged wedding. But they both started loving each other unconditionally. One piece eps. He is a very nice person and asks Chandra to get married to Siddharth to help him to get his daughter back. Character Siddharth: Sravan Rajesh plays the character of Siddharth. He is a police officer in this serial. His wife got killed by her father who targeted Siddharth. Other important characters and their real names: Meenakumari plays the role of Chandra's mother. Nexus trap expansion packs.

Her character name is also Meena. Rishi is the father of Chandra and husband of Meena. Baby Athina is playing the role of Siddharth's daughter. Divya Padmini plays the role of Siddharth's first wife who dies. Saakshi Siva plays the role of Lekha's father and husband of Vasundara Devi. Krithika Laddu plays the role of Siddharth's wife.


Her character name is Jeeva. Niharika plays the role of Vasundara Devi. Sri Padma plays the role of Sanjay's mother. Her character name is Radha. K.S.Jeyalakshmi plays the role of Sanjay's aunt and sister of Radha character. She also plays a judge character.

Her character name is Tamilarasi. Actor Sairam plays the husband character of judge Tamilarasi. Bharathi Mohan plays the Anbarasu character. Vimitaa Krishnan plays the character of Lavanya, the second kid of Anbarasu character. Maanas Chavali plays the character of Vignesh, a strong negative role once upon a time. Mahesh Prabha is the inspector Sethupathi. Mahesh Subramaniam is the friend and neighbour character of Chandra.

The character name is Sriram. S.Sunil Kumar is the editor of the press in which Chandra and Sriram worked.