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No wonder car insurance is so high. Activision is releasing Vigilante 8. Yet another game in the densely populated combat/driving genre. Although the company says it isn't for the PSX.

The game has a definite funky '70s feel to it. It will also feature 12 fully 30 battle arenas with completely destructible environments and a dozen pumped-up ammo-intense cars. Blast a bud in the two-player mode or fight against the game's ramped-up A.I. As you cruise through the Southwest.

The game will also feature a new 3D graphics engine, so be prepared for actual environmental scarring, car-crash realism, and heavy-duty 3D explosions. Exercise your right to bear harm this March. Last month, we gave you sneak peeks at this hot new game from the four-man team at Luxoflux.

We finally got a chance to play it in-depth, and while the controls still need to be tweaked, we're pretty excited at what we've played so far. This '70s funkadelic take on the combat driving genre has what it takes to bump Twisted Metal 1 and 2 from the throne. The vehicles are fairly interesting. They consist of classic muscle cars, pickup trucks and even a school bus, apparently a very popular vehicle with the focus/testing groups (in the words of an Activision associate producer, 'Kid's love this f****** bus!' Each of the cars come with a standard machine gun. To pick up more powerful armaments (see sidebar), you must drive around the large levels and pick up weapon icons. If you can find the secret weapon crate, you can access that character's unique special power.

Beezwax, for example, can launch a swarm of mutant bees that can make short work of any car. What really distinguishes this game from its competition, however, isn't the cars or the weapons; it's the awesome game engine. When you damage the front end, your hood can pop loose. When you get shot, you can see the bullet holes. If you get.ahem, rear-ended, your tail pipe and bumpers can be knocked loose.

Windshields can shatter. You can start avalanches on the snowy mountains. You can almost feel the bumpy or slippery terrain underneath your wheels. In other words, this game engine is one of the finest we've seen in a while. It's extremely detailed and realistic--it really must be seen and played to be appreciated. Vigilante 8 will include a One-player Quest Mode (where you follow a character's story line), a One-player Arcade Mode (where you can just jump in and fight against one to four other cars) and a Two-player Mode.


Right now, the two-player game is only one-on-one, but that may change to become a free-for-all that may include up to four more cpu opponents (for a total of six cars in battle). We've been waiting for a better-looking Twisted Metal-type game, and Vigilante 8 may be the answer. This is Activision's '70s muscle car version of the popular car combat games by SCEA. All around, this preview version of V-8 looks better than the Twisted Metals. Everything from the textures to the animation looks more realistic.

Beyond that, the basic idea (drive around and shoot everything in sight) is the same. Each of the 12 cars has a basic machine gun, as well as a special weapon. For example, the camper truck is equipped with an arsenal of killer bees, while the school bus shoots out toxic fumes. We're pretty excited about this great-looking game. As we get more on it, we'll keep you updated. On the PC, Activision has had good success with a '70s driving/combat game, Interstate '76. The formula worked so well, they decided to bring that funky retro feel to the PlayStation.

Will be Activision's answer to Sony's series. The difference is, this newer game is graphically superior (from early looks so far) and it takes place in the '70s. The 12 super-charged muscle cars are all armed with high-tech weaponry, like side-mounted laser guns. All of the combat takes place on off-road terrains, which contain secret areas and power-ups.

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Activision is currently tweaking V8, to insure that car and off-road terrain physics behave realistically, but at the same time, keeping the game speed fast enough to provide gamers a good time. If V8 can keep up with Twisted Metal 2 like Activision thinks it can, then people won't help but have fun playing it. After all, the game offers muscle cars, guns and off-roading.how can you go wrong with that formula? Vigilante 8 injects some high-octane visual excitement into the combat/vehide genre, but it falls short of the Twisted Metal hall of fame due to faulty controls. That's a real shame, because V8 has some of the best graphics and level designs of any vehicle shooter for the PlayStation yet: Pop-up and clipping problems are kept to a minimum, huge explosions fill the screen, and the interactive stage elemerits will make you blink in disbelief.