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People, I am so tired of being sore. My tendons and such are just so screwed up and trying to elongate and get them to release is a pain in my.everything. I know it's all for the best and I see improvements, I'm just beyond impatient on week five. Massage, foam rolling, spiky balls, tennis balls, strengthening exercises and trying not to wince when my foot goes into a charlie horse every other step is who I am right now. I did a massive stretch session last night after my workout including this. My legs were a little twitchy afterward so I broke out the ultrasound to calm things down. This has been an exercise in patience and persistence more than anything.

Despite being down, I am not out and I am trying to kick butt even if it's not at previous levels. I thought it might be beneficial for me to see in writing the improvements I see from say, 2 weeks ago. 1) I can actually lay my feet in any position on the mattress when I sleep instead of flipping around 50x hoping sleep will come. 2) In the past week I am actually able to sit with my feet on the floor in the car without feeling immense pressure and discomfort. 3) I increased my walk time from 1 hour per day before my feet gave out the weekend before last to 2 1/2 hours in a normal 'shopping' day on Sunday. 4) The ankle on the left doesn't constantly feel like I've whacked it against a wall and am dealing with day 2 pain. 5) I can stand in the kitchen to make my lunch and not feel like I'm going to drop after 20 minutes.

I can do about 60-80 minutes on my feet throughout the day between making meals, dishes, going up and down stairs. I am sure there will be more strides as I go forward and I'm very thankful for the ones made thus far.

I'm just very ready to move on to the next phase in healing. Oh yeah, I got my bill from the quack podiatrist and I would love to know what 'surgery' she supposedly performed on me and what orthotics she is trying to charge me for when I never got orthotics from her.

I knew this was going to happen. So this is where the yin (the calm, level headed Mr) takes over for the yang (the 'wanting to call and bust a verbal cap in the podiatrist's office staffs ear' Me) and gets this taken care of.

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I have been unable to do much of anything since last week Wednesday. I overdid it with my working out, and have strained something in my back. Friday I visited the Chiropractor for an adjustment, and I was doing much better, but then I decided to wash 2 cars which was too much activity for my already overworked back.

This past weekend, the weather was so pleasant, but I was unable to go out and enjoy it b/c I was laid up in the bed. This definitely will make me think twice before working out so strenuously again. I have to realize that the pounds didn't pack on overnight, so I shouldn't expect to lose them overnight or by overtraining myself. I hope we both get well soon.