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Hi All, I just realized that there is no official thread on XDA where users can share ZW home screens, themes and ideas, so I'm creating one. If you do not know it yet, well, Zooper Widget is a minimal, classy, extremely customizable and battery friendly 'do it yourself' Home Screen Widget with almost limitless possibilities. Psx torrents. More info HOMEPAGE: MARKET (FREE): MARKET (PRO): ICONSETS: APK SUPPORT: G+GALLERY: Main features WYSISYG Widget editor with unlimited Text, Series,,, Bitmaps and Shapes. Every aspect is customizable, you can use tons of with any kind of data or modify them using,,, syntax, text filters and more (more info, examples and variable reference on the website). Free/Pro Free version on the market is full featured, you can create the same layouts as the Pro, the only difference is that Free does not allow you to save and load external templates, it-s ad based, and has no 'hotspot' functionality. Developing software and fixing bugs takes a huge amount of time that's why i needed to split it in two releases, hope you'll understand. How to share screens and templates When you save your template Zooper Widget (PRO) stores two files in the SD card, under 'ZooperWidget' folder, one is a PNG with a screenshot of your awesome creation (so you can easily post it to the forum) the other one is a '.zw' file containing the template itself.

This is a Zooper Widget Template which shows weather, date, time, cellular provider of wifi (if connected), battery, unread sms and missed calls.

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The '.zw' is a zip archive with all the data in it, so if you used Bitmaps, external Fonts, Iconsets or any other resource you won't need to distribute them, those items will be part of the '.zw' template and will be extracted automatically. To load the template on another device you just need to place it in the ZooperWidget SD card folder and load it. APK skins Zooper Widget PRO from 2.38 supports APK skin packs, you can store as many templates as you want in a single APK distributable on the market, you can even include templates on existing APK if you want (so you can distribute an Icon Pack for ADW with some ZW template in a single shot), more info here Resizing Zooper Widget supports automatic resize on load if the template is larger than the target widget, otherwise original size will be kept, you can tune the size using the 'Scale' option. Please note that, compared to other similar widgets, ZW does not just scale the output Bitmap, but the source Canvas resulting in a much more clean / smooth image. Zooper Widget is always a work in progress, i just released Bitmap support and I'm now working on really exciting features requested by users (and yes, if you have any idea just ask!). Most important upcoming stuff is: • Ability to group or tag layers and move / edit them at once (but remember you can already use the copy/paste functionality to copy one property to multiple items at once) • Widget wide Parameters (to allow better APK support, if you want to lock everything and use custom settings) More Want to join the beta program?