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Nearly God by Nearly God Released February 1996, Length 64: 44 Tricky chronology (1995) Nearly God (1996) (1996) Nearly God is the unofficial second album by English rapper and producer. It was released in February 1996 under the pseudonym 'Nearly God', which originated from an interview during which Tricky was asked 'so how does it feel to be God. Well, nearly God.' Described by Tricky as a compilation of exceptional yet unfinished demos, Nearly God was the result of a clause in his recording contract with, which allowed him to release an album once a year under a name other than his own. According to Tricky, 'I needed it to come out, but Island would never let me release two Tricky albums in the same year'; his official second album was released in September 1996.

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An austerely produced record, Nearly God was well received by critics and featured collaborations between Tricky and artists such as,,,, and, who had worked with him on his previous album (1995). • Idowu, Omoronke..

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