Ultraman Ps2 Bios

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Ultraman is a game by Bandai, it was released on May 20, 2004 for the PS2. Why it sucks • No Ultramans for Monster Mode or VS.

Mode • Some iconic Ultraman monsters are not in the game (such as Alien Mefilas, Dada and Telesdon). • Story mode takes only from 30 minutes to an hour to complete. • Unlike the show, Ultraman can only lasts for 2 minutes in battle. • Even on 'Hard' difficulty, it is still an easy game.

• ( Happens in ROMs only) Due to poor A.I Ragon can easily. • Ultraman Jack's story mode is way too short and would only take about 5-10 minutes to complete, making his story incomplete.

• Speaking of Ultraman Jack, his Ultra Bracelet is absent. • Instead of recreating Ultraman's rise like in the Ultraman Fighting Evolution series, they used footage from the show instead (The same goes for Ultraman Jack). Redeeming Qualties • Good music just like the show. Spades plus.


• Nice graphics. • Has plenty of iconic kaiju's from the show, even though some are left out. • Gameplay is decent. • As the game progresses, Ultraman's look will change from Type A, B, and C, pay attention to his face in some levels. Pictures Ultraman Type A Ultraman Type B Ultraman Type C.

Amazon.com: Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 [Japan Import]: Video Games. But story mode is all in its native language as well as the bios or card section that.