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Reloaded 24/May/2015 By popular request and a firm favourite for Rolling Stones rarities collectors, however we would like to point out that CD1 and 2 are within the official King Biscuit archives and will be deleted from this site once we have given a little time for the Stones completest fans who have requested this famous bootleg. Full artwork of the original packaging is included. This is a four CD box set bootleg of The Rolling Stones that was circulated originally on The Swingin' Pig label (TSP-CD-200) and in 1998 on the Dandelion label as part of their 'The Classic Rolling Stones Collection' (DL030 - DL033). The first two CD's include the entire Forth Worth show (which is also in the King Biscuit archives). CD's 3 and 4 have pretty much every song broadcast from the 1978 tour plus a few soundboard recordings that never made it to air.

This version is sourced from the 'Dandelion' label boxed set and the audio quality is so good, it is of little surprise that mainstream bootleggers cashed in on the material (we of course do not!). The Rolling Stones' US Tour 1978 took place during June and July 1978, immediately following the release of the group's 1978 album Some Girls (hence the bootlegs 'Handsome Girls' title). Like the 1972 and 1975 U.S.A. Tours, Bill Graham was the tour promoter.

One opening act was Peter Tosh, who was sometimes joined by Jagger for their duet 'Don't Look Back'. The tour used a stripped back, minimal stage show compared to the previous Tour of the Americas '75 and Tour of Europe '76, possibly due to the emergence of the punk rock scene and its emphasis solely on music and attitude rather than presenting a grandiose stage extravaganza. From Wikipedia - The tour is widely believed among fans to be one of the band's greatest, largely because it was in many ways back to basics both in musical and visual terms. It meant a return to a mixture of classic Stones numbers ('Tumbling Dice,' 'Star Star,' 'Happy,' 'Street Fighting Man', etc.) mixed with blues numbers and Chuck Berry covers, as well as including a large number of songs from then newly released Some Girls LP. It was the first tour featuring songs written with Ron Wood as an official member of the Rolling Stones, and his contributions from this period are considered by many Stones fans as some of his greatest with the band.

While no live album was released from this tour, a fair amount of bootleg releases showcases its musical qualities, most notably the multi-show King Biscuit Flower Hour FM recording mostly known as 'Handsome Girls.' Guest artists that played with the Stones during individual shows included Linda Ronstadt, Sugar Blue, Doug Kershaw, Bobby Keys and Nicky Hopkins. Other opening Acts included Van Halen, Journey, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes and the Doobie Brothers. Source: Pre FM Soundboard. CD 1 - Fort Worth, Texas - 18th July 1978.

Let It Rock 2. All Down The Line 3. Honky Tonk Women 4. Starf---er 5. When The Whip Comes Down 6. Beast Of Burden 7.


Just My Imagination 9. Shattered 10. Respectable 11.

Far Away Eyes 12. Love In Vain 13. Tumbling Dice 14. Happy CD 2 - Fort Worth, 18th July 1978. Sweet Little Sixteen 2.

Brown Sugar 3. Jumping Jack Flash Alternate Versions: 4. All Down The Line 5. Honky Tonk Women 6. Starf-cker 7.

When The Whip Comes Down 8. Beast Of Burden 9. Shattered 10. Far Away Eyes 11.

Jumping Jack Flash CD 3. Let It Rock (Detroit, MI - 7/6/78) 2. All Down The Line (Houston, TX - 7/19/78) 3. Honky Tonk Women (Houston, TX - 7/19/78) 4. Star Star (Houston, TX - 7/19/78) 5. When The Whip Comes Down (Detroit, MI - 7/6/78) 6. Lies (Houston, TX - 7/19/78) 7.

Miss You (Detroit, MI - 7/6/78) 8. Beast Of Burden (Houston, TX - 7/19/78) 9. Shattered (Memphis, TN - 6/28/78) 10. Respectable (Houston, TX - 7/19/78) 11. Just My Imagination (Detroit, MI - 7/6/78) 12.

Far Away Eyes (Lexington, KY - 6/29/78) 13. Tumbling Dice (Detroit, MI - 7/6/78) 14. Happy (Detroit, MI - 7/6/78) CD 4. Hound Dog (Memphis, TN - 6/28/78) 2. Sweet Little Sixteen (Houston, TX - 7/19/78) 3.

Brown Sugar (Houston, TX - 7/19/78) 4. Jumpin' Jack Flash (Houston, TX - 7/19/78) 5. Miss You (Lexington, KY - 6/29/78) 6. Lies (Lexington, KY - 6/29/78) 7. Beast Of Burden (Lexington, KY - 6/29/78) 8. Shattered (Lexington, KY - 6/29/78) 9.

Just My Imagination (Lexington, KY - 6/29/78) 10. Respectable (Lexington, KY - 6/29/78) 11. Sweet Little Sixteen (Lexington, KY - 6/29/78) Reloaded 24/May/2015 - download link in comments.