Download Gamemode Samp Zombie

This gamemode features. SIMPLE ZOMBIE MOD v1.0.2d Shout out to Reyser for helping me out with the mod! It’s available to download here. Feb 23, 2013 - What is Zombie Apocalypse? This is a Game-Mode, that has been of SA-MP for a long time, run by different persons continuing the Server.

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SA-Multiplayer.: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE :. [0.3x] REMOVED REMOVED What is Zombie Apocalypse? This is a Game-Mode, that has been of SA-MP for a long time, run by different persons continuing the Server. This Game-Mode was made by Kitten, and after he ran this server for a long time, He handed over this script to another trusted person. And after he Ended up and didn't wanted to run the server anymore. Kitten released this script to the SA-MP Forums.

Download mame32 all roms. And now, We run the Zombie Apocalypse. What Have we Got?

Anyhow this server is not the same as to the old versions. We have a Re-Scripted Script.

With lots of new Features, including some old features. Zombie Classes STANDARDZOMBIE- LALT Infect a Player MUTATEDZOMBIE- LALT Infect Drunk Vision FASTZOMBIE- High Jump REAPERZOMBIE- More damage with chainsaw WITCHZOMBIE- LALT 75 Damage - BOOMERZOMBIE- Explodes on death and infect STOMPERZOMBIE- LALT Throw all around you SCREAMERZOMBIE- LALT Throw everyone around you on the floor ADVANCEDMUTATED- LALT Infect all around ADVANCEDSCREAMER- LALT Throw all +5hp FLESHEATER- LALT Infect a player kills faster ADVANCEDWITCH- LALT 99 Damage ADVANCEDBOOMER- LALT Explode How to Play? It is very easy to play. First of all after you spawn, you choose a class. If you are a Human, You kill the zombies and survive for 255 seconds.

And after 255 seconds, the evacuation checkpoint will open, you have to get there and evacuate. After you evacuate, you will get 1 Coins, and 400 XP for surviving the round. And with the XP you get each round, you can unlock new classes, and with the coins you can buy new things at the /shop.

If you spawn as a zombie, you have to kill all the humans, to win that round and get 400 XP Reward. To become human from zombie, you have to wait for next round. The Staff We have a Mature Staff.

They handle each problem very wisely. And in-case if this server got more players, we will be needing more staff members. So join now, to be ready and trustworthy for the future.

REMOVED Edited February 23, 2013 by docrikowski.

• Renamed Advanced Screamer class to Heavy Screamer. • Added new class Advanced Screamer. • Added new class Advanced Stomper. • Added new class nemsis. • Added new class Fire Breather.

( Can breath fire and make explosion infront of him. • Added new class Veteran. ( Rank 30 required - Got heavy weapons ) • Added new class Heavy Soldier.

( can give /vest and /giveammo ) • Added Pimp class. • Added new class Shotgun Specialist ( +50 shotgun damage ) • Added Exp. Scout class ( 1 hit = 1 kill + High Jump ) • Added /vcure ( VIP cure ) for level 4 VIP. • Added /vheal ( VIP heal ) for Level 4 VIP.

• Removed some things from coins shop cuz it was bugged. • Removed some useless Lines.

• Added /credits command ( you are not allowed to remove this ) • Added more admin commands ( /spec - /givegun - /nuke / etc ) • Attached some objects to some classes. • Added Spawn Protaction for Zombies/Humans. • Added Hell gates at Zombies spawn to give damage to any nearby human ( gives -5 hp / second you are near zombies spawn ) • Much more things that i can't write here.