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What a year 2016’s been for lovers of action, stunt work and martial arts! We’ve already rolled fast into 2017 and will be doing the necessary prep for all the action-thrills, fun and excitement hitting theatres near you soon from every corner of the globe. There are most certainly some major martial arts adventure treats to keep your eyes peeled for this year!

Judul Film Seri Aksi Silat

Before unleashing our Most Anticipated Martial Arts Movies 2017 list however, we must also accord recognition to the dynamic masterpieces that action filmmakers have gone out of their way to craft for us in 2016. Please bear in mind that there might just be the odd flick on here that we have seen while you may not have (just yet). So, without further ado, here are our Top 10 Martial Arts Movies of 2016! In descending order • ““ That one of the best martial arts films of 2016 is an MMA documentary should tell you all you need to know about just how good a film “The Hurt Business” is.

Filmmaker Vlad Yudin pulls back the curtain on the MMA world, interviewing fighters past and present, uncovering a world of warriors battling challenges outside the cage that are just as potent as anything they encounter within The Octagon. Engagingly narrated by Kevin Costner, a who’s who of MMA legends, from Bas Rutten to Rorion Gracie to Ronda Rousey are interviewed, along with more recent champs like Rashad Evans and Jon Jones. In a gripping, emotional narrative spotlighting single mothers and fighters battling severe depression, we see just how special each of these men and women are -that their duels in the cage just scratch the surface of what’s going on in their private lives.

If you love MMA, “The Hurt Business” will give you a whole new appreciation of what it means to be a fighter. • “Street Fighter: Resurrection” Gamers, doesn’t it feel wonderful to actually expect that an upcoming video game adaptation will be good? After 2014’s “Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist”, a lot of frowns are certainly upside down for what Joey Ansah and Christian Howard have cooked up for the “Street Fighter” universe.

If “Resurrection” isn’t quite as impactful as “Assassin’s Fist” was, it’s only due to the comparative brevity of the follow-up, but there’s certainly no complaining to be had when Charlie Nash fires off a Sonic Boom, along with Laura Matsuda and Decapre making their live-action debuts. By the end of “Resurrection”, you’ll be primed and ready for the upcoming “Street Fighter: World Warrior”, and with Silvio Simac donning the cap of M. Bison, we can certainly make an educated guess about what day of the week the leader of Shadaloo will make his grand entrance! • ““ Like its title character, the Bollywood smash hit “Sultan” has as big a heart as you’ll ever find. Salman Khan plays a wrestler who learns the importance of humility after his rise to fame and fortune ends up costing him dearly, before getting a chance to climb back to the top in an important upcoming MMA-tournament. Everybody loves to see a champion get a shot at a comeback, and “Sultan” wraps it up in a gripping story about one man discovering the dangers of a bombastic, uncontrolled ego and the importance of putting loved ones before fame, fortune and glory.

24 season 1. Marrese Crump and Marko Zaror each make their respective Bollywood debuts as opponents our hero faces in the cage and after seeing them face off, it won’t be hard to guess how “Sultan” became the fourth-highest grossing Bollywood movie ever made! • “Eliminators” Don’t let the frankly lacklustre trailer fool you – “Eliminators” is a taut, suspense-filled, thoroughly enjoyable action thriller. Scott Adkins steps into a classic man-hiding-from-his-past role as a former special agent who ends up with his face all over the British news cycle and finds himself and his daughter with a big target on their backs. WWE’s Wade Barrett gives one of the year’s best villainous performances as the sadistic assassin sent to track our hero down and under the action direction of Tim Man of “Ninja II” and “Undisputed 4”, he and Scott deliver some dynamic, powerful fight sequences amid their cat-and-mouse game. “Eliminators” also brings in a vicious big baddie with a surprisingly understandable grudge against our hero and the film as a whole is elevated significantly by the end. Suspenseful and action-stacked, “Eliminators” emerges as one of WWE Films best flicks! • “” This Bollywood action-fest romance doesn’t come without a blemish here or there, and it’s mainly in the form of a twenty-minute sequence in Bangkok that hews a little too closely to “Ong Bak”.