Electro Voice Microphone Serial Numbers

Electro‑Voice engineers leading‑edge sound reinforcement solutions with products designed to provide best‑in‑class performance, reliability and value. Electro voice microphone serial numbers - Jcpenney reward code serial number august 2013. ND76S Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone with On/Off Switch.

I am the singer and production manager of my band, and recently, a friend found these and gave them to me. They sound absolutely awesome on my voice, and I am curious what kind of mic's they are. I noticed one in the background of a shot in 'Anchorman', so they were probably intended for voice capture of some sort in their time. Cosmetically, the only things that haven't faded away are what I assume to be serial numbers.

One of them reads '6909' and the other is '7111'. Both silver in color, with regular XLR connectors. No on/off switch or anything else on it. The handle below the capsule is just slightly skinnier than your standard shotgun mic, and the capsule only has a flat screen on the top. We play a lot of shows, so it would be a shame to lose these mics, which is why I want to find more of them on ebay or from someone.

Any help would be appreciated! Almost certainly ElectroVoice 635A. Worthy descendent of the 'Buchanan Hammer' and 'practically indestructable' (except for the cosmetic finish, IME) Omnidirectional dynamic and tailored for vocal application, but people use it for all sorts of things. (editorial) I love Electrovoice microphones.

They are far more solid than most of the stuff you get from Shure, with fewer little fiddly plastic parts that break, etc. Sakal bharti font. (/editorial) The numbers you cited are likely the date code in the form: YYWW where YY is the year (1969 and 1971), and the last two digits are the week number the microphone was made.

Electrovoice may still offer re-finishing service for these. They had a sterling warranty back in their day, but EV was bought out by successive companies and unsure of the current policies. The original finish was a very nice matte tan color. And clips are still available from EV in several varieties.

Electro-Voice Model 664 cardioid dynamic microphone Description and Applications The Electro-Voice Model 664 is a cardioid microphone of the dynamic type with only one moving element. It is designed specifically for public address applications.

The cardioid pattern is obtained through use of three sound entrances located in the back of the dia­phragm. These three sound entrances, each utilizing the proper acoustical impedance, combine to form one effective back entrance which varies in distance from the diaphragm inversely with frequency. The resulting phase and amplitude conditions produce a uniform cardioid pattern over a wide frequency range. This variable front-to-back distance along with dynamic-type construction affords high resistance to mechanical shock and eliminates proximity effect. The Model 664 is an all-purpose public address microphone designed to fulfill requirements of wide-range reproduction under a great variety of conditions.