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Nov 7, 2016 - Action games download softonic. How to download and install Project IGI 2 Covert Strike highly comperresed 176mb. By Xavier World. GTA San Andreas Free Download ( FULL VERSION ). By Mohamed jaber.

Agent 47 is back to take on some dangerous hits in a new adventure where he finds himself with old enemies that make him feel more like the hunted than the hunter. This fourth installation in the series offers players some major changes, but still conserves all the characteristics that made the previous releases so famous: strangling with a rope to be tidy and discreet, taking a different path to a scene to avoid leaving clues, and of course a spectacular storyline. With Blood Money, for the first time, Agent 47 can interact much more with his surroundings, for example, you can hide bodies in various places such as a wardrobe, freezer or a trunk, adding to the realism of the game.